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  • LCN 4412HSA
  • Fire & Life Safety Sentronic Closers
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Catalog Cuts / Specs

  • 4410HSA electrically controlled closer/holder
  • Designed to provide easy passage for groups of pedestrians through high traffic doors
  • Pedestrians, moving through the doorway, trigger the built-in scanner
  • When the door is opened to 80° or more, the door is electrically held open to minimize wear and tear on applied door hardware
  • After the last pedestrian in a group passes through the doorway, the system timer releases the hold-open, closing the door under control of the heavy duty closer
  • Double lever arm closer is specifically designed for push side mounting
  • Choice of finishes and accessories meet virtually all high traffic installation requirements
    • Certifications:
      • Grade 1- ANSI A156.4, ANSI 156.16
      • UL 10C, 100 Hour Salt Spray
      • Meets BAA - Buy American Act
      • NFPA 101
    • Body construction:
      • Cast Iron Body
      • Full complement bearing
      • 1-1/2? diameter piston
      • 11/16? Diameter Double Heat Treated Pinion Journal

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