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Rockwood Standard Duty Multi-function Surface Overhead Holder & Stop
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Material: Stainless steel
Fastener: Jamb: #12 x 11/2" FH WS or #12-24 x 1/2" FH MS
                 Door: #12-24 x 1 1/2" FH MS and 5/16" dia. sex bolt
• Single acting doors
• Non-handed
• Slide track design
• Recommended for medium traffic, medium weight doors
• Degree of opening fully adjustable and can be adapted to changing needs
• Heavy shock absorber spring provides compression before deadstop
• Multi-function unit is shipped as a stop. Can be converted to a hold open or friction in field. MF5012 KIT (Adapter kit) included
• Complete screw packet with thru-bolts for door, wood and machine screws for frame
• Torx® screws optional for security applications, but heavy-duty units should be considered for high-security applications
• Durable slider cam and shock block
• 110° maximum opening
• 3/4" square channel
• Stop function UL listed for fire door assemblies

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