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  • Rockwood 2945
  • Self Latching Flush Bolt Set
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Catalog Cuts / Specs

Material: Brass, stainless steel
Size: 1" x 8 1/2
Options: can be used with the No. 570 Dust Proof Strike.

    Top: 4 ea. #8 x 3/4" FH combo screws, 2 ea. #8 - 32 x 1/2" FH MS, 3 ea. #10 x 1" FH WS.
    NOTE: No plastic anchor required for top only.
    Bottom: 10 ea. #8 x3/4" FH combo screws, 4 ea. #8 - 32 x 1/2" FH MS,
    6 ea. #10 x 1" FH WS, 2 ea. #6 - 8 plastic anchors
  • For Wood Doors labeled B, C, D & E up to 4'w x 8'h
    Top Bolt
    • Automatically engages when the inactive door closes. When the active door is opened, the inactive door stays latched at the top until the top bolt is released by pressing the plunger button on the bolt face
    Bottom Bolt
    • Non-handed
    • Fully automatic - opening active door retracts bottom bolt
    • Override feature prevents damage to door or bolt if bolt head is blocked
      from entering strike
    • Bolt head rod is adjustable up to 1/2"
    • Thermal lock automatically locks the inactive door under high heat conditions due to fire

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