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  • Pemko PK55
  • Adhesive-Backed Fire/Smoke Gasketing


- Excellent resistance to compression set, particularly at elevated temperatures and for extended periods of time.
- Stays flexible between -40 degrees (F) and 250 degrees (F) with very high resistance to flex fatigue.
- Outstanding ozone resistance rating.
- Designed for tighter frames. Demonstrates extremely low closing force.
- Seal begins compressing at 3/16"; compresses to seal up to a 1/16" gap.

  • Size:
    • Width: 1/2"
  • Ratings:
    • BHMA Certified
    • Fire Rated - UL10C - Positive Pressure
    • Smoke Tested - UL1784 (also category H & J)
    • Air Infiltration Tested
Note: All adhesive gaskets have a limited storage and shelf life. This product must be installed within 6 months of purchase and must be stored between 50ºF and 100ºF.

Before installing thoroughly clean the frame with the enclosed cleansing towelette to remove grease, dust or cleanser build-up. Before installation, wait for frame surface to completely dry (evaporate). As an alternative or substitute cleanser, use isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Note: Mineral spirits or other petroleum based cleaning products should NOT be used.

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