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  • Pemko 3494
  • Locking Astragal
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- Locking Astragals- Slimline style with locking spring bolt
- Weatherstripped astragals with locking spring bolts for 1-3/4" inswing double doors
- Full 3/8" diameter steel bolts with 1-1/16" throw. In the extended and locked position, locking spring bolts cannot be easily retracted by tampering. In the retracted position, the spring loaded bolts latch firmly, preventing marking of the floor and door header trim when opening or closing the inactive door
- Comes with a molded sponge neoprene bottom seal
- All feature four-way adjustable strike plate mounting for latchbolt and deadbolt
- All come with a Eco-VTM snap-in cover strip to conceal the cutout and cover the mounting screws
- Prepped in feild or Custom

  • Size:
    • Width- 1-3/8"

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