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  • Pemko 257x259
  • Barrier-Free Ramps
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Assemblies accommodate 1/2" to 2-1/4" floor offsets in meeting the 1:12 slope requirements of the “Americans with Disabilities Act”. Ramps are not ADA compliant when used at a door opening

“MR” in a product number denotes that one-pair of miter returns (and extenders, if applicable) is included. Otherwise, we recommend filling and feathering the threshold ends with grout. Do not leave threshold ends open.

When used as a cover plate assembly, a longer spindle may be required

Assemblies are provided NET length

PemKote™ is highly recommended for all threshold assemblies, especially exterior conditions where moisture may be present

Number of Components: 2
Miter returns will add 2 pieces to total components

  • Size:
    • Length- 12"
    • 1/2" Offset

  • Ratings:
    • Fire Rated - UL10C - Positive Pressure
    • BHMA Certified
    • Barrier-Free

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