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Ives Finish Hardware

Our range of finish hardware by Ives includes everything from door stops and catches to handles, hooks and more. Ensure your doors create the look and feel you want, and tie in with your other door hardware and d├ęcor by selecting handles, kickplates, catches and other items in a complementary finish.
At Popular Hardware, we specialize in supplying everything you could possibly need for your doorways, be that high security locks, particular hinges, safety features and much more. Browse our extensive range of products online, by using our handy sitemap, or give us a call to discuss your needs. For bulk, wholesale and large orders over $15,000 in value, we can provide a personalized quote, or give you the opportunity to decide your own fair price for the products you are purchasing. Get in touch today and let us take the hard work out of your door installation project.
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