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Concealed Door Closers

We supply a full range of concealed door closers from LCN suitable for situations where the door closer needs to be invisible, either for aesthetic or practical reasons. For light duty to heavy duty requirements, commercial concealed door closers function with the closer hidden either inside the door or into the top jamb, with only the arm remaining in view. The choice of finishes and arm functions available will meet virtually all architectural requirements.
Finishes include powder coated closers in shades ranging from light aluminum to black, a standard satin chrome finish, or other plated finishes including bright brass, satin bronze and satin nickel, to name but a few. Select your concealed door closer arm function, depending whether you need a standard arm, track with a bumper, a hold-open arm or a hold-open track with bumper. With the impressive selection on offer, you’ll be able to find a commercial door closer which complements the rest of your door furniture, even if the majority of the unit is concealed by definition!

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